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Focus on the Yamori Dev KiT

Yamori development platform is the ideal basis, to start developing your device from scratch. latest module technology from Murata allows outstanding performance in Yamori based prototypes and good performance to price ratio in volume production. The platform is designe for the rapid build up of proof of concept application and transferring into a volume product. a clear and well thought-out layout by developers for developers allows effective development with the Murata chipsets. The dev kit allows the development of both LoRaWAN and Cellular appilications based on NB-IoT and LTE-CAT-M1.

The Yamori dev kit is a hardware platform to develop your own application and as well your own Yamori daughter boards for the demo kit. Therefor, the hardware platform is exactly the same. That means, you can design your own daughter boards on the dev kit, transfer the code on the demo kit MCU and easily put your daughter board on the demo kit to test your application on an optimized an integrated product. As we provide you with the CAD data for the housing on request, you can simply print your own casing for your own and professional prototype.

Furthermore, the dev kit can also be used for the evaluation of use cases. For this purpose, we have provided a battery holder with 4xAA cells.If the code is designed to be energy efficient, the batteries can simply be inserted and the sensor starts working.

The next steps with Yamori

Towards the end of Q2 in 2021, we plan that our Yamori will come with easy-to-use software that will allow inexperienced developers to easily enter the wireless IoT world. Until then, we want to establish a protocol with LWM2M, which will then allow a standardized interface to different cloud service providers.

We also offer a cost optimized development service for new IoT hardware based on the Yamori platform.

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