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How we can achieve the lowest power consumption with Yamori using Qoitechs Otii Arc

Developing Yamori IoT dev kit power optimization and energy efficiency has always been an integrated part of the development. Not only because Yamori is providing a holistic system for developers to quickly prototype energy-efficient long-range connectivity solutions but also to ensure a reliable product Yamori’s customers can benefit from.

We chatted to Swedish company Qoitech that specializes in the energy-optimization of IoT devices, our engineers have worked their flagship tool Otii Arc. Otii Arc functions as a power analyzer, sync log and power supply and assists developers across the stack with their energy optimization.

Using Otii Arc, the Yamori developers are tracking the power consumption continuously and were able to design hardware and software in such a way that a very low power consumption is possible. The latest performance shows the sleep mode current measured below 5 uA.

To read the whole article visit https://www.qoitech.com/blog/yamori-use-case-muratas-and-sentinums-newest-lpwan-dev-kit-power-optimized-with-otii-and-ready-for-the-market/

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