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Soil Monitoring System

Accurate measurement of soil temperature and temperature-compensated soil water content
Accurate detection of electrical conductivity what allows the determination of the fertilizer content (bulk EC and pore EC)
Maintenance-free operation with PV module
Accuracy: Temperature -20~60 ± 1,06°C, soil moisture 0~60 ± 3%
Suitable for Smart Agriculture and Smart City applications
Plug&Play with industrial connectors and up to 3 sensors per box

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Profil & Applications

The GAIA IoT soil monitoring system is a wireless high-performance soil sensor designed specifically for the Smart Agriculture market and Smart City applications. GAIA is particularly characterized by the determination of the fertilizer content with an innovative measurement technology by utilizing the electrical conductivity. This allows the determination of the soil condition as well as the fertilizer content. In addition GAIA has an accurate temperature-compensated measurement of the water content in the soil and soil temperature. This allows the management and cultivation of crops to be optimized. The data is collected at regular intervals and sent wirelessly to a cloud backend. GAIA supports the data transfer via LoRaWAN® and MIOTY®.

Long term monitoring of temperature, moisture, fertilizer in the soil for agriculture
Agriculture irrigation system control
Long term river and pond water condition monitoring
Aquaculture pond water condition control
Soil and water environment research


Inner Soil Temperature

Soil Water Content

Electrical Conductivity

-20°C to 60°C, IP67


Available with

Why you should use GAIA compared to other systems

Other soil sensor systems mostly measure bulk electrical conductivity. That means the total resistance of soil material, pore water and air is processed. However, bulk EC is influenced by the water and ions in the soil. GAIA can also measure the pore EC what is an important indicator for the fertilizer concentration in the soil. Additionally, pore EC is not influenced by the volume of water, as it measures only the ions in the soil.

Bulk Electrical Conductivity

The Bulk EC value is suitable for measurements of ions in the water.

Pore Electrical Conductivity

The Bulk EC value is suitable for measurements of ions in the soil.

The Solution for Smart Agriculture

Extended Sensor Features

Autonomous System
Powered by innovative system of rechargeable battery and solar module GAIA can reach long lifetimes completely maintenance free.
EC Sensor

Electrical Conductivity depends on contained anion/cation amount like NO3, NH4, H2PO4, K, Ca, Mg, NaCl etc..

Provisioning over NFC
The sensor is activated via NFC and offers the possibility to adapt sensor and network specific settings to the respective application.
Rugged Sensor Probe

IP68 Sensor Probe with high corrosive-resistant materials designed for ultra long life and operation in the soil.

High Precision
GAIA delivers accurate sensor values together with an industrial grade housing and connectors it is suitable for harsh environments.
No Calibration Needed

High accuracy and temperature compensated measurements by calibration during the manufacturing process.

Market Sectors

Smart Agriculture

Smart City

Product Versions



Communication Product


S-GAIA-LOEU-1 (1 Sensor Probe)

S-GAIA-LOEU-2 (2 Sensor Probes)

S-GAIA-LOEU-2 (3 Sensor Probes)

LoRaWAN® EU Connection Box + (1,2 or 3) Sensors


S-GAIA-MIOTY-1 (1 Sensor Probe)

S-GAIA-MIOTY-2 (2 Sensor Probes)

S-GAIA-MIOTY-2 (3 Sensor Probes)

mioty® EU Connection Box + (1,2 or 3) Sensors


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